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September 2012

6 Ways to Say No and Protect Your Already Too Busy Schedule

September 14, 2012

As you get settled into your busy school routine, you may feel the pull to add more things to your already full plate….joining the parent association, chairing the fundraiser, adding soccer to John’s extracurricular activities (when he already participates in basketball and baseball) and this would require more carpooling, etc! And, I know…sometimes we have [...]

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12 Tips to Ease You Into Your School Routine

September 11, 2012

Summer is Over and School is In! Here are 12 Tips to Help Ease You Into Your School Year Routine 1.    Schedule Your Me-Time Moments.  When we get busy the first person we neglect is ourselves.  Schedule your Me Time Moments right now.  Identify those things that rejuvenate and renew you…is it getting a massage, [...]

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