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Ahh, the Power of Focus – Week #4 of the De-Clutter Challenge

December 21, 2009 in Life

Ahh, the power of FOCUS! I have to admit, it felt good going into a busy week with a de-cluttered house.  Things got a little out of control come Saturday morning partly because we decorated our tree on Friday night and because last week was the last week of school.  But because, we all knew that “December is De-Clutter Month” it was quite easy to bring things back in line.  I just grabbed my index cards, my give away bag and my garbage bag and I went to work.  I only had 1 hour on Saturday in between a hair appointment, doctor appointment, dance class and piano lesson to bring things back together again.  And we did it!  Oh, If you are wondering, “Why did she just put her tree up”?….this was actually early for us!

Here are my final tips for the December is De-Clutter Month Challenge.  I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have.  I’ve accomplished much of my December Things To Dos because I’ve been organized and focused on my tasks.  So remember…

  • Set realistic deadlines for organizing various rooms.  If the room at hand seems too large to tackle, break your de-cluttering tasks down into smaller more manageable tasks.  Remember your index cards!
  • You can de-clutter the whole house, 1 room at a time.
  • Never do marathon de-cluttering sessions while sorting or organizing.  If you are too tired or feeling rushed, you might make hasty decisions and throw out stuff that you actually needed.
  • Don’t forget to schedule your De-cluttering sessions.
  • To truly test whether something is organized or not is to find out how easy it is to access something in that space.
  • If an item is being used regularly, it should have a designated place.  If the item does not have a place, and it is not being used regularly, it can be considered clutter.
  • Only keep those items that you are going to use and things that you value; ruthlessly discard the rest.
  • If you have been holding onto something hoping to get it fixed, fix it within a certain time or else throw it out.
  • If you are holding onto something hoping to donate it to a charity at some stage, put it in your giveaway bag right away.  You might even want to keep the contact numbers of a few charities in hand so that you can donate stuff to them right away.
  • Try to sort things into categories as they are easier to organize and hence easier to find later.
  • Often you collect clutter because of indecisiveness. You are not sure if you want to give away a tea-set you got as a wedding gift and whether you should keep your child’s first drawing. Make a decision and get rid of what you do not need.

Happy Holidays
Be Balanced,


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