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December is De-Clutter Month!

December 1, 2009 in De-Clutter,Life

December is a really busy month for Busy Moms….our kids will be out of school for the holiday break, and we will have to keep them entertained, establish a christmas budget, make a gift list, do holiday shopping for food, do extra cooking and baking, attend holiday parties, pull out the holiday decorations, decorate the house both inside and out, coordinate the wardrobe for the holiday picture, take the family Christmas picture, buy stamps, send out holiday cards, schedule hair appointments/haircuts, plan holiday entertaining menu, plan holiday guest list, send out invites, clean the house for the holidays, go through the “gift closet” to see if there are any gifts that can be “re-gifted”, shop for gifts, wrap gifts, ship gifts….whew!

So, are you asking yourself how are you going to add these extra items to your already overflowing things to do list?  And how you are going to do it all and keep the holidays stressfree?  The key is to get organized!  Today, when I announced that December is De-Clutter Month to my daughters, daughter #2 asked, “Why would we want to de-clutter during the most busy month of the year?”  I explained to her that we should be really organized during the times when we are the most busy.

This is why, at Live Your Life In Balance, December is De-Clutter Month!!

Trying to do all of the above while you are living in clutter will undoubtedly cause you stress and frustration.  Not to mention it will clearly send you into the Land of Overwhelm.  It’s something about a  cluttered environment, it clutters your mind and you can’t think straight…do you ever feel that way?  Another reason why we de-clutter in December is because in December we usually bring a lot of extra stuff into our homes, so when stuff comes in, stuff needs to go out.

Take the Live Your Life In Balance “December De-Clutter Challenge”
1.    Commit to de-cluttering in December
2.    Look for weekly de-cluttering tips on the Balanced Blog every Tuesday (or subscribe to the blog and receive the blog posts automatically).

Here are the ground rules for the De-Clutter Challenge:
Set a time to De-clutter – look at your calendar and be realistic.  All you need are 10 – 15 minutes per de-cluttering session.  It could be everyday if your schedule allows it, once a week or 3 times each week.  The point is to schedule your de-clutter time just like you’d schedule a meeting or a doctor appointment.

Pick 3-4 areas that you want to De-clutter – pick areas that you feel if remained clutter free could improve your productivity and make you feel less stressed.  Write each area down on an index card.  Keep the index cards together at all times.  On the back of the index card write down all the things you need to do to get that area organized.  When it’s time for your de-clutter time, refer to an index card of your choice.  Complete as many items as your time will allow.  To make it fun, set a timer and turn on some fun music.

Keep a give away bag on hand – As you are de-cluttering, think of items that could be useful to someone else.  After all this is the season for giving.

Look forward to your De-clutter time – Because it will allow you to focus on something that is important to you….living a Balanced, de-cluttered life so that you can enjoy the holidays clutter and stress free!!

When are you going to De-clutter? and which 3-4 areas are you going to focus your attention?  I know I have some over-achiever readers (smile) so remember, this is an ongoing project, you don’t have to de-clutter your whole house in a day!

Keep me posted on your progess by leaving a comment…

Be Balanced!
Your Balance Partner


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JC December 4, 2009 at 6:12 am

Ok, reading the list of to dos for the holidays, just pushed me into the land of overwhelm. I’m back now. :>) I love the schedule time to de-clutter and treat it like a doctor’s appointment suggestion! With 3 children, de-cluttering is an ongoing struggle, but I agree that my life runs more smoothly when it’s less cluttered. My children have 1 drawer in our kitchen and one cupboard where we keep their “stuff.” Notebooks, craft box, pencils, rulers, etc. It seems like their drawer gets jam packed with miscellaneous stuff weekly, so I dump and purge. I dump stuff that I don’t think is relevant into a bag and stash it in the garage. If no one has asked for any “missing” items in 1 week, the bag gets tossed! It’s sneaky, but it works. If they see me purging their drawer, everything in the drawer becomes mission critical to them! I do the same with abandoned toys in the playroom.

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