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How to Avoid Overindulgence ….After Thanksgiving

November 25, 2010 in Body,Life

Well, you did it….you survived Thanksgiving 2010.  I won’t even ask if you ate too much (smile).  Hopefully, your Thanksgiving was a wonderful celebration of food, fun, family and friends!  Now, I know the holiday isn’t over yet because the celebrating is going to continue for the rest of the weekend.  Let’s just check in to make sure that this weekend’s celebration doesn’t ruin your waistline. (Hey, I’m writing this not only to you but to myself.  I had 2 pieces of sweet potato pie and I’m making a spice cake).  Here are some ways for us to reign it in!!!

  • Change your mindset.  Many of us think that if we skip breakfast and lunch for a couple of days we can chow down on anything we want and all will balance out. This is not so. Overindulging is not a habit you want to cultivate even once during the year. Eat your meals each day, but decide that you will try a little bit of everything instead of a lot of all of it.
  • Drink water.  Water is your friend. It can make your stomach feel just full enough to keep you from grabbing the biggest piece of sweet potato pie on the table. Try downing a couple of glasses right before dinner. With your stomach partially filled, your plate won’t be.
  • Eat slowly.  Most of the time, we are so busy talking that we don’t realize how fast we are eating. It’s also a choking hazard, so when you talk, put your fork down. As your stomach fills with air, you won’t want to eat as much as you once thought. Also, as you chew, consciously taste each bite of grandma’s sweet potato pie and thoroughly enjoy every bite! That sensation will go a long way even if you only have a few spoonfuls.
  • Take an after-dinner walk.  When we feel full and overeat, we feel miserable. Fit in a little exercise with a walk in the clean, crisp air. Your food gets a chance to be digested and you can get tired out from something healthy instead of fatty foods.

The holidays are about food, fun, family and friends so don’t suffer on account of that meal. There are ways to enjoy the holidays without adding pounds or feeling guilty.

Your Balance Partner,


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