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How to Create a Healthier Lifestyle During the Holiday Season

December 14, 2010 in Body,Exercise,Life

During the holiday season, our attempts to create and maintain a healthier lifestyle often takes a back seat. We’re so busy with family and friends that we neglect our normal routine. This can leave you feeling run down, lethargic, and uninspired. The holidays are a time of family, food, fun and celebration. The good news is you can enjoy the holidays and still manage to create and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Choose to make your healthy lifestyle a priority during the holidays. Take the initiative because you’re worth it, and your enjoyment of the holidays depends on it. A commitment to your health will lead you to find the time, and the time spent will provide enough energy and self-confidence to get you through the stressful parts of your holiday season.

Get the exercise that your body is used to and that it craves, so you can stay feeling alive and energized. In the midst of all the holiday shopping, get-togethers with friends, and obligations, your workout must be a priority for you to succeed. Look at your calendar on a weekly basis and schedule your exercise in.  With everything else on your schedule during the holidays, you will have to be flexible about the days and times of your workouts, but remain firm that you will get your workout in.

Make Time for Your Needs
Even when the holidays are in full swing, family and friends are around one another for only part of every day. You’ll have some time to yourself. Use that time wisely and plan carefully to get the most out of your holidays. If you do, you’ll surely be able to find time for your workout.

Remind yourself that you’ll feel sluggish if you miss your workout. Constantly visualize yourself enjoying the success that awaits you for attaining your physical goals. Take care of your body, and your body will thank you with the energy to take care of everything else over the holidays.

Family and Friends May Follow Your Lead
If you stay consistent in your workouts and enjoy taking care of your physical health, others in your family may follow suit. You can help them get healthy by showing them your goals and how you’re working toward them. Consider working with them on:

* Eating better so they can maintain optimal weight for their height and activity levels
* Getting some exercise each day so they remain energetic
* Seeing that exercise can be fun and enjoyable so they’ll keep doing it in the long-term
* Finding activities they like so that they’re more likely to keep exercising in the future

After all, you probably had to do all of those things when you first started working out. You might have had someone to encourage you, or you may have been required to figure it out on your own. Either way, you have the opportunity to set a good example for others while still keeping yourself healthy over the holidays. Take advantage of that chance to help other people.

If you’re focused and dedicated to creating a healthier lifestyle, you’ll find ways to work out during quiet times and schedule your exercise around family activities so that everyone wins.

Your body will thank you, your mind will be more alert, and the holidays will seem far less stressful when you take care of yourself first. Invest the time in your workouts to make the most of all the holidays have to offer you.

Be Balanced,
Your Balance Partner, Deona

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