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Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for the Busy Mom

December 24, 2009 in Life

Q:  How do you know if you are really a “busy mom”?
A:  If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet.

The truth is, I hardly ever do my Christmas shopping ahead of time.  It wouldn’t feel like Christmas if I did my shopping in November!  I have 3 more gifts to get.  So, I guess that would officially make me a “last minute” shopper.

I’ve put together a few last-minute gift ideas for you.  I’d really appreciate it if you left your suggestions for last minute gift ideas in the comment section (this would greatly improve my shopping productivity and I need some additional ideas).

  • Food clubs. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Many of us think of the fruit-of-the-month club or something like that but this kind of thing has caught on. You can find just about any kind of monthly club that your recipient is interested in: salsa, jellies, desserts, wines, beer and even barbeque sauce.
  • Gift cards. It seems like such a small presentation, but it is quite a popular gift. Do you know how many people pack the stores the day after Christmas just to return gifted items? A gift card avoids all of that. Have the kids put together some festive wrapping or decorate an envelope for a personal touch.
  • Charitable gifts. These gifts put others first and help great causes at the same time. Perfect for the person who ALREADY has everything, you can make a donation to various international charities (wildlife foundations, disaster relief, medical missions, peace keeping efforts and more) in the name of your gift recipient. Usually, they will receive a letter thanking them for their donation.
  • Food gifts. Before toys and technology, people gave what they had and that was usually some sort of food item. Sweetbreads in decorative loaf pans, cakes, cookies and cupcakes still make great gifts for teachers, grandparents, neighbors and friends. Don’t forget to let your delectable offerings cool sufficiently before wrapping them.
  • Memberships/Subscriptions. Has one of the people on your list been meaning to join a gym? You can gift them a membership for Christmas. When money gets tight, memberships and subscriptions are usually the first to go. Renew a subscription to their favorite magazine or a service like AAA Motor Club.
  • Gift baskets. Most stores have them on display at Christmas time. You can purchase one that is already made if you see one that fits your recipient’s tastes. For teachers and coworkers, baskets with mugs and coffee or hot chocolate are a safe bet. Or better yet, create your own with a basket and small items that reflect the recipient.

Overall, just remember to have fun! Dress your gift packages up, make your own cards, the personal touch will always go a long way.  This is the season for giving…even if it means last minute shopping!!

Leave me some last minute gift idea suggestions in the comment section of the blog.  If you received this blog post via email, click on the logo at the top of your email to get back to the blog.

Happy Last Minute Shopping!

Be Balanced,

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