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Spring has Sprung, it’s Time to Make Room for Your Blessings!

April 8, 2010 in De-Clutter,Life

Spring has sprung and all thoughts are on spring cleaning!  Every magazine I pick up has an article on spring cleaning and de-cluttering.  I cleaned out my garage 2 weekends ago and today I’m having my carpets cleaned.  I can’t believe how much progress I made in the garage in just under 2 hours.  It was amazing.  The husband can actually park his car in the garage…imagine that!  I scored big just by de-cluttering the garage.  In the process of preparing for the carpet cleaning crew, of course, I’m doing my favorite thing….de-cluttering!  I’ve been looking forward to today all week.

For some reason, I have an incredible sense that I’m preparing for something…The familiar cliches…”get rid of the old to make room for the new” and my own de-clutter mantra, “De-clutter to make room for your blessings” keep going through my head.

Not to mention, I love how de-cluttering my home gives me a sense that my mind is de-cluttered also.  2010 has been an incredibly busy year for me and I welcome any extra brain space that de-cluttering can create right now.  Walking through my house when it’s clean and clutter-free just gives me an incredible sense of satisfaction.

De-cluttering is all about being prepared.  Knowing when you are going to de-clutter, scheduling it and setting a time limit is really helpful.  I went to the container store yesterday and picked up a brand new bookshelf for my room and new laundry bags for everyone.  Today, I’m armed with the familiar tools:

  • 1 garbage bag for throw aways
  • 1 garbage bag for give aways
  • De-clutter indexcards (yes, I always keep them handy)
  • A vision in my mind of what I want each room to look like

Here is to a de-cluttered mind and home and clean carpets!  Happy Spring De-Cluttering!!

Your Balance Partner…Deona

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