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Week #2 of December is De-Clutter Month

December 8, 2009 in De-Clutter,Life

Reflections on my De-cluttering Session
Since I announced last Tuesday, that December is De-Clutter Month, I had been looking forward to my own de-cluttering time.  On Friday afternoon, I came home and targeted my 3 de-cluttering areas.  I chose to de-clutter my bedroom, my living room and my dining room.  I wrote each of those areas on an index card and on the back of each card I wrote down the things/places/items that needed to be de-cluttered.  On Saturday morning, I set about the task of de-cluttering.  The girls and I even spent about 20 minutes picking up book bags, homework and ballet pointe shoes so I could even get an idea of what needed de-cluttering.  I spent the majority of my de-cluttering time in my bedroom.  I set a time limit.  No music but the TV was on.  And guess what?  I really enjoyed it!  My bedroom looks so much better now!  What is left to be done in my room is pretty glaring but I know that I will get to the rest during my session on Saturday.  Because now I am so FOCUSED!  The Dining Room is a work in progress, as my dining room table is the catch all spot for all mail and school papers.  The Living Room was an easy one.  I picked the Living Room because of this very reason, I knew I would need to see some immediate progress to keep me motivated. So all in all, it was a success, when I walk through my house I just smile!

So here are your De-Cluttering Tips for Week #2

Get Rid of all Guilt. When you first start to organize things, you might feel overwhelmed at the sight of all the things that you have collected and may wonder how it ever got to this stage. Try not to feel guilty or worry too much about it. You are now taking positive steps to clear all the clutter and get yourself organized. So, from now on, spend your time and energy in focusing on the future and not belaboring about the past.

Involve the whole family. Announce to your family what your de-cluttering game plan is.  You can even tell them to pick a task to accomplish from the back of your index cards.  Or have them de-clutter their rooms or back packs.

Gather your supplies. Keep your index cards with you at all times.  This will keep you focused on the task at hand.  You’ll need to 2 bags, one for garbage and one for give away.  And don’t forget to have a pen or pencil handy so you can check the completed tasks off your index cards.

Ask yourself “Why?” If you conclude that you want to keep something, ask yourself, Why do I want to keep this? , “Do I really need this”?

Before and After. One good idea to keep you going is to take before and after photos of your designated areas just so you can see the effect your de-clutterring efforts are having on the house.

Schedule it. Don’t forget to schedule your next de-cluttering sessions on your calendar.  Keep the appointment with yourself and look forward to getting rid of the old so you can make room for new blessings!!

This is December. Remember, this is December and there are other things to do on your to do list.  So keep the De-cluttering efforts simple this month!  The key is to stay Focused on De-cluttering.  Just 15- 20 minutes per de-cluttering session will do the trick.

Happy De-Cluttering!!

Be Balanced…Deona

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